Dylan's Portrait

Hey, I'm Dylan — a seasoned Tech Artist boasting 7 years of experience. My passions are in gameplay systems, optimization, and problem solving. My focus is Unreal Engine.

About Me

I am a seasoned Technical Director at Theia Interactive, where I lead the development of immersive and high-performance experiences tailored to meet the needs of a varied clientele. My approach to problem-solving is rooted in a unique blend of artistic vision and technical prowess, with a track record of pioneering innovative solutions.

As the founder of Unreal Directive, I've established a dynamic platform to share cutting-edge research and knowledge in Unreal Engine, reflecting my commitment to excellence and education in the field.

In my downtime, I indulge in gaming, reading, sketching, and research, each of which fuels my passion for continuous learning and creativity.


Unreal Directive


My platform for sharing my knowledge of Unreal Engine and game development.

Epic Games Detroit Lab

Theia Interactive

An Unreal Engine multi-user experience built by Theia in collaboration with Epic Games.

Widget Studio

Theia Interactive

An Unreal Engine plugin built with C++ that provides sleek, modern, and intritive widgets to quickly and easily create user interfaces.


Theia Interactive

An Unreal Engine plugin built with C++, Python, Qt, and QML that streamlined the importation, optimization, and organization of CAD and Datasmith files.




Please contact me directly at [email protected] or through this form.